Our fashion show in Cannes during the Filmfestival 2017

Dear Guest,

it is high time for another newsletter, which, you might just guess, centers around the 70th Film Festival in Cannes. Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated our first fashion show on the Côte d’Azur. It was, in short, a dream come true. You have surely been following us on Facebook. You have seen the photos, videos and blogs on my website but nevertheless I want to capture the heart-throbbing atmosphere again for you. It all started with an invitation this spring from an American company to present my fashion on a private yacht in Cannes. What a challenge! Designs had to be created, fabrics to be selected, brainstorming with the tailors squeezed into our otherwise busy schedule - and then the film crew from the USA arrived in Salzburg to accompany each and every step. That our flights to Cannes were cancelled the day before our departure was only testing our nerves - a bit.… An angel in form of a dear client came along to help and we could continue wrapping the precious dresses into layers and layers of silk paper. We arrived safely to sunshine, blue sky, a sparkling mediterranean sea and to lovely news: our upcoming event had made the rounds in advance, the yacht had become too small and therefore a residence with the proper trimmings necessary to fulfill all the requests was chosen. And what can I tell you - it was up to standards. But above all the luxurious surroundings, the wonderful evening, the happy and interested guests, the glamour, the success of the show - I am deeply grateful to my team. It is my pleasure now to make room for one of my ladies to express her sentiments and her very own impressions.

Katharina Kaesbach


I still have the following words of Katharina Kaesbach in my ear, addressing the models before the show, when reflecting about this spectacular event: „ Have fun and enjoy this moment; just be yourself; everyone of you is special, and my fashion was created to support your beauty and your personality“. That was the moment the guests arrived, dressed in their finest, the gentlemen in tuxedos, the ladies in beautiful evening gowns. Champagne corks popped, music was in the air and the twilight descended with its magic luminosity onto the red carpet. And out of the darkness came the light, the heavenly creations by Katharina Kaesbach floating on the walk of fame, timeless elegance shown in all its beauty and perfection. Each dress a painting, each dress a sigh of wonder in the eyes of the beholder - and the photographers went wild. I can still hear the applause in my ears, especially when Katharina Kaesbach joined her model hand in hand with the last dress of the show, a metallic shimmering creation with golden beads and a long train. It was a memorable, amazing and successful evening for Katharina Kaesbach and her team, to which I luckily belong!

A. B.